Friday, May 30, 2008

Wallabies in Hawaii??

Who knew? Once upon a time, in 1916, three wallabies (a male, female and juvenile) were brought to O’ahu to be part of a privately owned zoo in ‘Alewa Heights. The breeding pair was being held in a tent when a dog broke in and attacked them, setting the wallabies free. Currently it is estimated that there are approximately 250 Wallabies on the island. Most of the population lives in Kalihi valley, between a series of cliffs and ledges that protect them from predators. The animals are not formally managed or tracked, but are protected by the state.

Being the island adventurers that we are, we decided late one night to make the treacherous hike in hopes to spot these little creatures. We never saw a darned thing, but we have a great story to tell!!


Oh just Ehu. said...

You know...everytime I think "Wallabies", O'ahu ALWAYS comes to mind.

I like checkin' out your page because I love love love the music playlist you've got goin' on.

I haven't been able to make it back to the east coast. I love it out there. Everything & everyone moves so FAST!! It's crazy! What a change of pace it'll be goin' from Hawai'i to NY.

Britt said...

no way! I never knew that they were there and I grew up my whole life on Oahu. cool fact.

Anonymous said...
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